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Life’s Decisions


Only when you juxtapose issues in your life can you see the bigger perspective; well, most of the time! When we adamantly obliterate things we need to be thinking about, it doesn’t make them go away. It simply means they are still there and are unattended to. Now if they are the not-so-good, then danger lurks! And if they are the o-so-good, then we are missing out on goodness that life has to offer. Lose – lose situation!


I had a chance to juxtapose “issues” a couple of days ago. Well, it wasn’t really a chance, it just occurred, and I chose to take that “coincidence “to critically see things for what they were.


Whereas one was building me up; striving hard to pull out the best of who I am, the other was working effortlessly to try crush my mind, body and soul.


For a blithering moment, I was perturbed, and then a smile formed on my face! Nature was slowly unfolding, right before my eyes; actually right before my smart phone screen! As I canvassed back and forth between the two events, it was clear what was happening – Decisions were being made for me. Decisions that I had refused to deal with for a while because I had chosen to “obliterate “some truths from my being.


 It became apparent what I had to do – and in that split moment, that shift to another screen, I typed out some incorruptible truths! Truth that finally set me free. I spoke out the truth that I knew I should have maybe 2 or 3 years ago. I spoke then, lest I forever be condemned to hold my peace! Then I logged off – poured myself a glass of wine and tossed happiness and new beginnings to myself! And in that moment, I knew, beyond reasonable doubt that I was on the right path.

Then, in true – me fashion, I gave my mum, then my sis P a call and had a hearty and spirited conversation and resounding laugh about it. The kind where I had to put my phone on speaker so I could “laugh properly Kenyan style”


But, it made me wonder, why is it that we rarely want to face our truths? Why is it that we know what we ought to do, but don’t do it or delay doing it? Then I thought to myself, what would life be like if choices were not presented to us?


That’s the beauty of life. That is simplicity in my opinion. When we are able to find meaning from the complexity that is life!


So back to juxtaposition; by having my issues side by side, the apparent was made even more obvious. Most importantly, it made me decide to forever see my issues both in and out of context….the bigger picture.


What are your issues today? What is your bigger picture? Simply juxtapose them and with time, you will know what is what and what needs to happen or not happen. Then you must be brave enough to carry on!




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