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Clearly, I am not a very serious blogger! This is my first post this year and the year is not exactly young! It called having a lot to do ( ok, everyone I know has a lot to do), but really, for me I think it is a lot to do compounded with the fact that I have been forced to be a lot like an Octopus since mid last year. I have no complaints because I have been stretched as a person – and I have grown (cliché, but no so much so)

So much going on, but some things I have realized about some of the experiences I have been through is that:

One – there is a special place in hell for doctoral supervisors (I kid you not! I’m sure some day I will have some candidates saying that about me, but at least I will not believe its just hot air – they actually do have valid arguments for),

Two – I am a capital markets girl – give me a treasury department, derivatives, liquidity management, ABS/MBS issues, Foreign Exchange Issues (hedging, transactions, sweeps etc). Stress testing, financial modelling and a fast paced multi cultural environment and I will FIT right in! It has been a time of balancing my passion and my abilities. I have a knack for financial market issues that is just inherent and I am no longer “scared” to admit that! So feel free to share – that there is a woman I happen to know that loves market issues hook, line, sinker!

Aside: The recent spike in gas/fuel prices in Kenya by at least Ksh 10 prompted very spirited debates between my friends and I on various social media networks. At one such discussion, a “prominent” business journalist gave a very simplistic, almost dismissive remark about who we should blame. He simply said, there is a need to realize its all about taxation and blame should be solely on government. Maybe – but that’s an answer you expect from those “tunaomba serikali (we ask the government)” mindsets – NOT a business journalist! Very annoying! And embarrassing.

As one who has worked in global financial markets to include a long stint in Oil and Gas…..I was very perturbed, shocked or whatever that such a callous remark can originate from a business analyst that a lot of Kenyans look to for analytical perspectives! And who doesn’t know that when it comes to crude oil, so much more is at play than just government and taxation? (Maybe I will write a post of this!)

Three – In life, you can’t be scared/ashamed of re – aligning your priorities or business models when you realize things aren’t quite working as you wanted or expected them to. It takes a brave soul/spirit to embark on plan C,D, E or even F – they could be detours that will the IT!

Lastly, my apologies to all that have contacted me personally via email concerning one or two issues on this blog – Please bear with me and you will be getting a response in a day or two. I am humbled that though I don’t publish much these days, someone still finds something relevant on my blog! I want to remain relevant to myself, my readers and to current happenings in our beautiful lives.

Great week to everyone!


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